Cat Walks Into Malaysian University Classroom, Fell Asleep Due To Boring Lecture

We’ve all been there – morning lectures at uni that are so friggin’ boring we can’t help but fall asleep. So when a 21-year-old student Nur Elynna Binti Mohammad Shaharul Hashri from the International Islamic University in Malaysia tweeted a picture of a silly cat unapologetically taking a nap on her desk in the middle of one of the lectures, the Internet community reacted – too relatable!

The funny cat cracked us up as the pictures show the feline all up with her spine straight and ready to learn at the beginning of the class. But 30 minutes later the boredom gets her, and she falls for most profound sleep… And seriously, we can’t blame the cute cat.

Hashri told that no one knows if it’s a stray car or has owners, but this knowledge-thirsty furball always hangs out on their university campus.

Check this hilarious cat’s photos below!



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